Fast, Reliable & Affordable Bulk SMS Service

Reach your clients and general audience via fast, reliable and affordable Bulk SMS Service by Noria Telecom: A real taste of Engineering Excellence!



Contacts & Groups

Contacts & Groups

  • Create your contacts and organize them into appropriate groups so that you can target the right group with customized messages
  • Add and manage unlimited contacts and groups
  • Import bulk contacts from Excel/CSV files
  • Update contacts & groups at any give time
  • Contacts can belong to multiple groups
  • Automatically filter contacts in multiple groups so that they do not receive multiple, similar messages (This also saves you SMS credits!)

Effective & Transparent

  • 24/7 support
  • Track all your SMS units usage
  • Real-time SMS units balance
  • Close to instant SMS delivery
  • SMS delivery reports
  • Instant notifications incase some messages are not sent (incase the accout is our of SMS units)
  • See and resend failed messages

Schedule SMS

  • Schedule one-time messages
  • Schedule recurrent messages (periodic reminders)
  • Scheduled messages will automatically send when due
  • View and update all message schedules
  • Very customized SMS composition and schedules based on client's needs

Our Pricing

Our SMS pricing as a Pay-as-You-Go model, apart from One-time Sender ID, as follows:

Sender ID

A Sender ID is a short name which represent your business name or brand when sending SMS to clients. An example can be NoriaSMS. It makes your clients easily recognize the SMS source as well as ensure proper SMS delivery. The pricing (ONE-TIME Payment) is as follows:

Network Price (KES)
Safaricom 8,600
Airtel 9,600
Telekom 9,600

Bulk SMS Units

The maximum cost for Bulk SMS is KES 0.80 per SMS. This cost can go lower depending on the volume (units) purchased. The SMS units have no expiry. Below is our pricing scheme:

Purchase Amount (KES) Price (KES/SMS)
1 - 25,000 0.80
25,001 - 50,000 0.75
50,001 - 100,000 0.70
100,001 - 250,000 0.65
250,001 - 500,000 0.60

Contact Information